Down with the USA

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Nushabad underground city / Iran
You gotta go underground to find booze and dope in modern day Iran.

We all know that the Islamic Republic of Iran is an islamic country, or at least everybody should know that after I informed the world. That’s both a reason to go to Iran and to stay away. The many sacred (islamic) sites and millennia old remains from the beginning of our civilisation, for instance, are a big attraction. But the strict medieval islamic rules that apply to everyone, including tourists, deter a lot of people. The fact that the whole country is declared unsafe by, among others, our ministry of foreign affairs, probably doesn’t convince a lot of tourists either. You’re better off going to Trumpistan, after all nothing bad ever happens there. A big plus of traveling in modern day Iran is that it doesn’t cost a lot. Because your wife can’t, as a result of the international boycott which is in effect since 1979, use your credit or debit card over there.

Tehran / Iran
The latest trends in graffiti, you can find them in Persia.

That doesn’t mean that the country is poor, or still living in the middle ages, because of the US imposed boycott. For example, we were invited by an artist to his exposition of modern art. Once there he told us that he, just like artists everywhere else in the world, gets his inspiration from various types of class A drugs. These drugs are ordered according to the latest trends by cell phone from a dealer with an olive skin tone, after which they are delivered to your doorstep by a courier on his motorbike. Talking about mobile phones, on ours we enjoyed super fast internet everywhere. And the Iranians too walked around, just like you guys, bent over their Samsungs and iPhones. What I thought was funny, is that when you open the website of AirBnB in modern day Iran you’re presented with a message stating they can’t offer their site and services there because of the technological restrictions imposed by the boycott. Offering your guest room on the internet apparently is a crucial first step in developing nuclear bombs. It will come as no surprise to you that everybody is furious because of that, and Americans are therefore not allowed to enter the country without being accompanied by a secret agent guide. What do you know, they proved to be way ahead of us over there. Because since Trump was elected they can’t enter anywhere anymore without being accompanied.

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