Dirtbiking in Jeri

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Jericoacoara / Brazil
We had a wet lunch if you know what I mean.

Five days in Jericoacoara is way to short. This is a beach destination, situated inside a protected nature reserve, with just that little bit extra that makes it stand out. And I have to say, that eco-tourism thing is something I can dig too. First I let myself race through the reserve in a buggy for a day, with a small break to scoop endangered animals out of the water. The next day I made some pictures at sunrise of Pedra Furada, and the rest of the day I was working on my tan on the beach. And today I rented a dirt bike to rough up the *ahum* unspoiled nature around here. But I have to say that’s not as easy as I make it look, kudos for the guys that ‘do’ Dakar. A 20+ meter sand dune is not something you can casually drive up on! The Dakar guys probably do have a bit more powerful bikes. With working brakes. Fortunately the bike was equipped with a working horn is all I want to say. Tomorrow I’ll head back to Fortaleza where my gal from Belém is going to visit me. So let’s all hope for a lot of rain the next few days!


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