Bot and Cher

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Thakek / Laos
Keep calm and have a beer.

Now that we have all the paperwork for the stage through China sorted, and we don’t expect more natural disasters, the only thing we have to do is reach the border between Lao and China on time. ‘No problem’, we thought, with a little over 2000 kilometers to go and nine days to do it in. Until a ball bearing spontaneously failed on us, in the middle of nowhere in Cambodia, some twenty kilometers before the border crossing with Lao. Despite still not really having mastered Khmer we managed to contract Mr. Bot and Cher for the job. We were able to fly bus in the needed part from Phnom Penh. It’s just a shame that somewhere in the process, despite the professional abilities of Bot and Cher, the driveshaft was seriously damaged. But fortunately not that bad that it wasn’t fixable by smashing it a few times with my manliness a sledgehammer we borrowed from Bot’s friend. With a delay of three days we are now in Vientiane, just over 600 kilometers from the border and three days left to reach it. So help us and cross your fingers that, the driveshaft will at least hold until there, that Soudelor will not shift course, that it will prove not to be a problem that the ABS warning signal is now on constantly, that the roads won’t be washed away by the monsoons and my drone won’t crash (oh wait).