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Ulqin / Montenegro
Philip too failed to show me the ropes.

After a few months of mainly photographing visiting historic buildings, ruins and landscapes and relaxing a week with the neighbours it was time for some genuine action. Time for some extreme sports. For that I first went to Ulqin in Montenegro to do some kitesurfing. My instructor from Vietnam, who was teaching there temporarily, had just left (unfortunately) so his buddy Philip gave me some lessons. In 2011 I started lessons in Perú and back then I reached the point where I could let the kite pull me out of the water and ride for a meter or two before falling back into the water. In 2014 in Vietnam after a few lessons I managed to reach that exact level again. And now, three and a half years later, I feel very proud to be able to let you know that after another couple of lessons once again I am able to kitesurf a meter or two. It’s not really something that goes without a hitch for me, as you’d come to expect from me. But if I continue traveling for another year or ten I should at some point be able to master this sport. I will keep you updated here!

Šćepan Polje / Montenegro
Keeping your tummy in for the picture is a lot easier with a wetsuit on.

America first

I really wanted to continue the classes but I had to move on, because my friend Hagan from the United States came to pay me a visit. After I picked him up from the airport in Podgorica we raced to Kotor. He wanted to see the old walled city and I hoped to have a quick meetup with another friend of mine. But unfortunately we arrived a bit too late. We were just in time to see Ramon leave the port in his super yacht. But that gave us the idea to go boating a bit ourselves, but in the north on the Tara river. I hadn’t done any rafting for over year, but luckily that’s not something you forget how to do. Or better said, splashing water on other people in other boats with your paddle is not something you forget. Navigating the river is really more the captains business after all. However, the water kept attracting us. So we headed to Mostar quickly, for my most dangerous stunt so far. But you’ll learn more about that the next time….

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