Camping in Croatia

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Labin / Croatia
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From Kosovo you can’t travel to Serbia, apparently there are some old wounds still open, so I took the exit to Montenegro. I drove right through that country as fast as I could because later this month I’ll come back there with a friend to tear up the country. That way I ended up in Bosnia quickly, and although close to home but you feel like you’re in an exotic country far from my bed. Mainly because of all the exotic women straight from a thousand and one nights. But even they couldn’t keep me in Bosnia for a long time, because I’ll be back there too with aforementioned friend to jump off the bridge. No, I raced straight to Rabac in Croatia. My best neighbour was vacationing there with his family, and so I paid them a visit under the motto: ‘A good friend is worth more than a distant neighbour’.

Rabac / Croatia
If you get up early in the morning, you’ll get an A1 location.

Camping in Croatia

To be honest I’d never heard of this part of the Netherlands, but it was bonkers on the campgrounds. I was a bit of a stranger in their midst with my Chilean license plates in between all those black/yellow ones, but strange enough nobody even thought that was odd. And for the first time since the beginning of time, I was able to understand everybody around me (and they me, so that’s always a bit tricky in my case). I could finally have some frikandels¬†with my liquorice. The rest of the week we enjoyed ourselves at great expense (damn Croatia is expensive in summertime) with swimming in the sea/pool, good old fashioned meat burning and of course no holiday is complete without reserving sun beds in the middle of the night with a towel. So, in short I’ve had an unforgettable and educational week once again!

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