Without a hitch

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In the desert around Nazca / Peru
Some tourists were less successful in sandboarding.

As you probably know I like to learn new things, and given that I am literally good at everything basically all of my endeavours go without a hitch. After mastering hiking on the Inca Trail I drove to Arequipa to learn how to raft on the Rio Chile (too easy for me, so we did it in reverse so at least it’d be a little bit exciting). After that on to Nazca where, after briefly reading the airplane manual, I flew over the famous Nazca lines. The next afternoon I became an expert in sandboarding, and in the Spanish school in Lima, where I am at the moment, I skipped a couple of classes. So now I am in level C2 superavanzado with students that have struggled years to get there. In the coming weeks I’m thinking of adding surfing to the long list of sports in which I excel, after all I have to do something with my time. Well, I’m really not telling you guys anything you didn’t already know. You all heard the number 1 hit song I wrote about myself.

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