When it rains it pours

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Mancora / Peru
It’s wintertime, so put your neoprene wetsuits on.

Frequently my ex-colleagues from Weeronline/Zoover fill my wall with all kinds of weather forecasts or like recently with the already hilarious, developed with the farmers union especially for the Dutch Railways (NS), leaf-fall-indicator. So, especially for them a weather forecast from Mancora/Peru. We’ve been battling here in Mancora for over a week now with a low hanging utterly blue sky, and it looks like it’s going to be like that for the foreseeable future. Therefore we have to deal on a daily basis with temperatures between 20 to 27 degrees centigrade, but because there is also a light cooling breeze we have to compensate for the wind-chill factor which makes it feel about one degree colder. Because of this continuous wind we can fortunately speak of a kite-surfing weather grade of 8 with an occasional high of 9. Nonetheless I will move to the warm north soon enough, starting with Ecuador, after all they are warning us for an ice cold horror winter of death. As you see, everybody gets the weather he deserves.

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