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Totumo vulcano / Cartagena / Colombia
In Colombia I behaved myself like a pig.

Don’t be afraid, my credit score has not been lowered by Moody’s after my last visit to Colombia. It’s like this, I came back to Mexico a couple of weeks ago. And on my tour through Guanajuato (with its winding streets, alleys and tunnels in which you can easily get lost), Guadalajara (the city of Johan Cruyff), Puerto Vallarta (yes, that’s where that boat went too) and Mazatlán I was confronted all the time with the three B’s. They go nuts for them overhere. Everything has to be BBB. My excursions were all BBB, clothing shops only sell BBB cloths, workshops are BBB, you’ll fly BBB, in restaurants they serve BBB food en the hotels too are BBB. Everything BBB. If it’s not BBB you won’t be able to sell it down here. I even heard that the women in Mexico are BBB. At the same time I just barely made it to Los Mochis due to a broken down automatic transmission. Therefor I was forced to take the train into the ‘Barranca del Cobre‘, where I am now keeping my fingers crossed. Hoping that the local botcher, in Los Mochis, can repair my transmission BBB.

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