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Murchison Falls / Murchison Falls NP / Uganda
Scene from ‘The African Queen’

After we had returned from the Congo we weren’t walking as smoothly as one would expect from us. Fortunately we had, to recuperate, booked a hotel for a few days with an insane amount of stairs. Once I was able to step on it again we drove off to Uganda. Formalities at the border went smoothly, as is always the case at the smaller border posts, after which we set up camp in nearby Kisoro. The border region of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda is not only home to the gorillas, but also to golden monkeys and kidnappers. Of course we wanted to see those as well. So the next day, after we took our time to have breakfast, we went to buy tickets. Only to find out that you should get up really really early if you want to go on that tour. Therefore they asked us to come back the next morning. But that didn’t particularly appeal to us. However that situation could be solved smoothly although it was a Sunday because they had found some rangers willing to organise a tour just for us.


Queen Elizabeth NP / Uganda
The national bird of Uganda, the Grey Crowned Crane. Now try to say that smoothly.

Our trip through Uganda went smooth like that all the time basically. Whenever the cops pulled us over because I was driving too smoothly fast I chatted my way out of a ticket smoothly (I now am Whatsapp friends with the Ugandan Police though). It was low season so the hotels close to the National Parks went along with my suggestions for substantial discounts smoothly. It all went just like in Malawi, so smooth that traveling became boring. The biggest problem we had to face was when the airconditioning in our car had given up on us again. That problem was solved rather smoothly as well, but before we’d left the country it broke down again. This time for good though. So at least we don’t have to worry about that ever again while we’re sweating our way through Africa. Besides a KIA is equipped with an AWCO as a backup measure.


White Nile near Jinja / Uganda
We passed under the waves smoothly.

As I was still afraid of the fine art of rafting after my adventures on the Zambezi river I decided to give it another go on the Nile. Otherwise it’ll become a phobia and that’s something we all shouldn’t want. Fortunately once again things proved to go down a lot smoother in Uganda. The White Nile isn’t any less wild than the Zambezi and yet I only missed the boat once. All in all we really liked¬† the country of the late Idi Amin. With a ton of new pictures and impressions, rested and in high spirits we were ready for our next country. So we set course for Kenya. Our expectations were at the highest levels. Things would definitely go much smoother there as it is one of the most favoured tourist destinations on the continent. Luckily nothing proved to be less true…

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