Around the world for a dime

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Taveuni / Fiji
Given the results these FC Twente shirts will be free soon enough.

My mother always said: ‘If you know everything upfront, you can travel around the world for a dime’. Unfortunately I almost never know anything upfront, but the good news is that you don’t have to. Because the best things in life are free. Swimming in the blue waters around the islands here for example, or looking at the sun when it sets yet another time, totally free. Here on Taveuni island you can also go to the 180th meridian/longitude better known as the dateline. So you can stand with one foot in the present (today) and with one foot in the past (yesterday). Super fun of course, and free of charge too. And while you have to pay a small fortune back home to go down a waterslide, but here we slip’n’slide for zero bucks down a small river. In other places they’ve got some waterfalls where you can jump from great heights into the refreshing water for free. The list is endless. It’s a good thing there are so much things to do without that cost nothing, because the validity of my bankcard ended the 30th of November, which means I can’t use it anymore. And yesterday I heard that my creditcard had been blocked because someone, without asking me, made a copy of it in order to get the weekly groceries in the USA for free. Unfortunately for him that didn’t fly, so let’s hope he’s got a few dimes lying around and the ability to see into the future.

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