It’s always time to socialize

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Ohrid Lake / Macedonia
Our very sociable galley slave made this very social photo.

Armed with two kilos of liquorice (thanks mum) I flew back to Sofia to have another go at ‘traveling abroad without getting in trouble’. The first few days in Sofia that went miraculously well. I made some pictures and positioned myself to invade Macedonia, land of Alexander the Sociable Great. There in the capital city of Skopje I met Ryan, a backpacker from Australia. On his birthday so that was a great way to socialize right there. Later we visited the Matka Canyon where we did a romantic¬†cosy boat ride. After that we traveled on different dates to cosy Ohrid on the banks of the lake that goes by the same name where we promised to meet again for some more socializing. Unfortunately for him I found out that Marcel, a friend of mine, was there to vacation with his very social family. Three years ago I had just left Bangkok the day they arrived there, but this time there was nog escaping me. Chilling together at/in their pool, eating together, exploring the historic centre of Ohrid together, together in the boat, socializing, socializing, socializing. Meanwhile I gave the kids a bad example all the time, so they’ll be very sociable in the future. And it just didn’t stop. One night for example I was, very unsociable, hanging out by myself in a bar at closing time. And what do you know, just as I was about to go home a horde of models entered the joint. It can’t get more sociable¬†THAN THAT!!

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