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Smeerboel Festival / Utrecht / the Netherlands
That desperado is such a great medicine, I had never foreseen.

On hindsight my planning to jump off a bridge was a bit less than perfect, because I could barely walk the days after. This in itself wouldn’t have been a problem had I planned a horizontal week on the beach after, or something similar. But I had programmed a trip to the Netherlands, where I had to visit a festival the day after my arrival. And there you’re expected to stand and above all dance all day. Normally my moves already draw more attention than I’d like to. Although that attention might also be focussed on my ever greyer hair and/or outfit. Anyway, I wasn’t completely at ease. But as the lady next to me in the plane already predicted, my pain vanished like frost under the morning sun after a couple of cold ones ;-p And just like the last time, the weather gods favoured us again.  Instead of the forecasted thunderstorms it was dry and sunny all day, except for one or two brief showers. So, once again, we enjoyed ourselves scandalously. One of the nice parts of the daytime festivals is that you can hit the sack at a decent hour. Which prevents you from having a hangover the next day(s). Very important if you are getting old only a few days in the Netherlands and have to be fresh and enjoyable every day because you’re crashing at somebody’s place to cut costs enjoy their company. Maybe I subconsciously use these festivals as an excuse to come to the Netherlands, because after all these years I’m still welcomed so warmly by everyone, and it’s very cosy and so much fun everywhere I come. Thanks for that y’all, and we’ll meet again in January!

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