Party jungle

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Eindhoven / The Netherlands
We couldn’t wipe that smile off our faces all through the night

After my adventures in the Amazon it was once again time to dive into a different jungle. The party jungle. Fortunately you don’t have to be very far from my bed to do that. My favourite party, Awakenings, was being organised this time in the ‘klokgebouw’ venue in Eindhoven. Via Portugal, where my car with my wintercoat in it was parked, I was going to fly to Eindhoven Airport. One of my international friends was also coming to the Netherlands especially for this, and he was scheduled to land five minutes after I was. Unfortunately for everybody, and mostly for my wallet, I missed my flight that morning in Lisbon. Of course I couldn’t let Sebastian and my other friend Fabian, who had bought a ticket at the last moment, down. Luckily enough there was another flight which I could board, it just didn’t go to Eindhoven but to Amsterdam. Upon arrival I found out, to my great surprise, that the trains where running on schedule for a change, so I arrived in Eindhoven on time for the party after all. It was worth all the money and the stress, because we had a good time like we always do. The party, seeing Fabian and Sebastian and later that week other friends and my parents, frikandellen, I get on a plane for all those things with great pleasure. Even in the Grolsch Veste they go out of their way whenever I’m there. I mean, FC Twente won that night. From Cambuur none the less! So who knows, maybe I’ll be in the Feyenoord Stadium the 22nd of April. That would also give me the opportunity to swing my own death vine through the jungle the night before.

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