Hurray, 7 years old

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It’s getting harder and harder to blow out so many candles.

Here I am again with the year in numbers, measuring is knowing after all. This year I’ve driven little over 13.000 kilometers, traveled more than 1800 kilometers by boat an flew another 23.000 kilometers. So the total distance traveled amounts to about 38.000 kilometers, just short of a trip around the world, and a whopping 42% less than last year. The route took me through 18 countries, 19 even if you count Nagorno-Karabakh (which I don’t), 6% more countries than las year. Half of those countries (-18%) were new to me, so if you’ve been keeping scores you’d know that I’ve now visited 91 countries in my life. I will therefore probably break the magical limit of 100 visited countries, weather permitting, next year. ‘Photo, or it didn’t happen’, is what they always say. So I’ve not spared my shutter and have 6682 new pictures on my computer. That seems a lot, but are nevertheless 35% less pictures than last year. Twenty four times I’ve kept you up to date on this site about my mishaps, and that too was a lot less often than in 2016 (-55%). But those texts drew a record number of visitors, 8369 with a few days left, an increase of 75% YTD. The highlights of this year for me were the nightlife in Sunny Beach, Albania, jumping of the Stari Most in Mostar, and the many encounters with my friends both in the Netherlands and far outside. Besides I have had some wonderful experiences just recently that I consider among the highlights of the year, but I’ll write about those soon. Summarising I can only conclude that 2017 once again was a top year for me. And I truly hope it was for you too! Next year I’ll be entering Africa, one of the last continents through which I ‘must’ travel. That’s why there is no doubt in my mind that it’s going to be another fantastic year, and I wish you nothing less!

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