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KLCC park / Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
You wouldn’t say it, but together we’re over 240 years.

The great thing about my life (at the moment) is that I usually haven’t got the faintest idea what’s in store for me the next month. Or where my bed is going to sleep by then. The exception to the rule was the ‘she saw Sarah‘-party, of which I did know we were going to attend it well over a month before. But that was basically everything I knew. For instance, I didn’t know the birthday girl, nor her family nor any of the other invitees. Because of that alone it promised to be a very interesting trip even though I already knew Kuala Lumpur. And fortunately that proved to be the case. First of all I got a look into the lives of the rich and famous expatriates. Cristina, who this was all about, is married to Hans who’s got a high level position in the oil industry. We were invited to stat in their humble abode small castle in the embassy quarter, where we became drunk best friends the very first night. Soon I found out that they are the center of the latino-expat-universe in the city. Which basically means: a party every day.


Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
The conga-line appears to be very mundane.

The fact that everybody was in on the conspiracy of Cristinas surprise party created a bond between us immediately. And drinking among conspirators is indeed a lot more fun, I can tell you that. Every day Hans had some sort of surprise in store for his wife. For example, people were arriving from all over the world on different days and delivered fully wrapped right in front of Cristina. Which then gave us another good reason to toast. Of course this all ment I had to do something as well, so I prepared a surprise for Lucía. Because in KL the latest consumer electronics is sold at bargain prices I surprised her with my old phone. So I could then steal the show with my brand new pristine gadget. At the same time I got myself a new lens for my camera as well. Because when it’s that cheap you’re actually making money with every purchase. Anyway, that’s something you don’t have to explain to women.

A shot in his own foot

Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
These people have a lot of Sarah/Abraham parties to look forward too.

After a few days we finally headed over to the venue where the get together was going to be held. Inexplicably Hans managed to take his wife to the party, after all this had happened, without her suspecting anything. So much to our surprise she arrived genuinely surprised. Immediately the party livened up and we had great fun. After everybody formed a conga-line I knew that people around the world are not so different from each other. While Cristina fell into the arms of one friend, who traveled halfway across the globe, after another the men started complaining that Hans raised the bar a bit too much for us all. Because all of this expectations had been set at unrealistic levels for our women. But I think that, before all, Hans shot himself in the foot. Because now he and Cristina will have to attend all birthdays of the people that turn fifty and showed up here. Wherever in the world that might be. So know you know at least two people who will be present when Ed, far from his bed or not, sees Abraham.