Hurray, 6 years old

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6 years on the road already, will it ever end?
Damn, they grow up so fast.

Again a year has passed, so let’s see how we did in 2016. Not bad, I can tell you right now. For starters we put no less than 33.000 kilometers on the odometer, flew 29.000 and travelled 2.200 kilometers by train. Bringing the total distance travelled this year to almost 65.000. A plus of 10,2% compared to last year. Al those hours in plains, trains and my automobile brought is to many beautiful and/or interesting places in 17 countries (+31%). Of which 11  (+120%) I had never visited before. That makes the total number of countries I honoured with a visit in this life 82. As always I made some photos this year, 10.231 to be precise (+26%). Never before I made that many in just 1 year! We didn’t go very high, although 4.655 meters above sea level (-28%) ain’t bad of course. You guys could sit down and relax 9 times (+29%) after I fabricated a new video. My 53 stories (+18%) however draw less attention from you all, because the visitor numbers on this site declined to 4771 (-11%). No problem, I’ll continue anyway even though I’ll be doing so alone again. The highlights of last year, for me, where our visit to the reindeer shepherds in Mongolia. What an adventure that was. I won’t forget the trip to North Korea any time soon either. Another thing I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on was the natural beauty and unspoiled scenery of Central Asia with bizarre places like the gate to hell. In short, for me 2016 will be recorded as a peak year just like the years before. I hope that everybody that reads this can say the same, and that 2017 will surpass that big time!

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