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Starting point of the worlds most dangerous road in Bolivia
I’m going to switch to cycling, by car Bolivia is not doable

As you know I fled to Bolivia with Lidia because in Chile all tourist attractions were being repeated. But it’s the same song over here, if you take for instance this statue in Cochabamba, they had one in Rio de Janeiro as well. However, what is a unique and not to be missed attraction are the excellent roads in Bolivia. On a regular basis you’re driving on a road thinking: ‘If my car doesn’t fall apart now….’. The rest is worse. Frankly the best roads here are the ones on the salar de Uyuni, Although you need to be careful there as well. There are signs that warn you for falling rocks all around. Normally I shrug as I drive past them, but when we had to wait three times on just one day for bulldozers and excavators to clear the road in front of us because the mountain had fallen onto it, all of a sudden I respected those signs a lot more. Because of those  delays though we had the luck we could participate in a unique activity. Racing in pitch black on unpaved mountain roads with big trucks. Because everybody knows, guardrails are for pussies.

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