I got fucked after all

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Awakenings Festival 2017 / Spaarnwoude / The Netherlands
We haven’t changed a bit in 7 years

After the alcohol was out of my system I sped to Sofia to catch a plane to the Netherlands. Now that I am not so far from my bed, and because Ryanair flies to that city for cheap, I was able to pick up one of my hobbies after seven years: dancing to pumping techno beats in a national park. We had chosen Awakenings Festival 2017, and that proved to be a lucky shot. Because while it rained cats and dogs in the rest of the country, and while the days before the party it was sweltering hot, me and my 35.000 best friends enjoyed a lightly clouded day with temperatures just above 20 degrees celsius and zero rainfall. It couldn’t have been better. After the party I did have to wait five days for my return flight though. So I filled those up with sleepovers at various friends places all over the country. A big succes, if you ask me. So that’s something I’m going to do again.

Awakenings Festival 2017 / Spaarnwoude / The Netherlands
At our their age all that dancing makes you tired

From behind mind you

To be able to get around I rented a small car with Green Motion. During my stay in the Netherlands in the beginning of the year I had opted for the yellow caterpillar, but if you’ve ever traveled with the NS you’d understand that for the next three decennia I’m done with them. But right the first night some cunt (m/f) damaged my caddy in the parking lot. A few minor scratches as you can see. But Green Motion managed to work up the bill to an outrageous 1892,94 euros. While an expert I consulted estimated the damage to be around 400 euros, maximum. So those Green motion cunts succeeded in what those hookers in Istanbul and Sunny Beach weren’t able to do: fuck me hard, very hard!

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