Two birds with one stone

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el Peñol de Guatapé / Colombia
How could she resist, as I was wearing my Hello Kitty shirt?

The flight from Spain to Colombia was only filled for about a third. That was a nice surprise, because of which everybody could lie down stretched out over four seats. It doesn’t even get that comfy in first class. So ten hours later we all arrived completely rested in Medellín. The goal of my mission, Lucía, was already waiting there for me with her legs arms wide open. Damn, she looked good! When we fell into each others arms, right there and then everything between us had been solved just like that. It felt like coming home in a warm bath like old times. And a day later her family too received me like their long lost presumed dead son they never had. During the two weeks I was there we headed out together again like back in the days to discover new positions places. We visited various friends, and even a Mexican-Colombian wedding.


Estadio Atanasio Girard / Medellín / Colombia
Where there is smoke, the holy fire burns.

DIM it a bit please

But I also had another, pretty important, mission in Colombia. Given that FC Twente is on the brink of being demoted, I had to find a new love. Football technically speaking. Fortunately I found one quickly enough in Deportivo Independiente Medellín (DIM). The champion of Colombia just two years ago, and a contester for the title this season too. I felt right at home like a fish in the water in the cosy stadium of ‘el poderoso’. I mean, things were exactly the same as back home with the tukkers of FC Twente. We play in red jerseys, the fans created an atmosphere, hashish coke and pills were readily available, it rained and, last but not least, we lost big time. So you can understand that, although Lucía couldn’t join me on my travels right away, I boarded my plane at the end of my visit a very happy man. Both missions succeeded big time!

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