Run for your money

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Machu Picchu / Peru
Running, jumping it’s an extensive exercise

Of course you could have yourself transported comfortably by train and bus and dropped off at the entrance of Machu Picchu for a mere 200US$. But you could also, for three times that kind of money, during 4 days, lacking all comfort, run along the Inca Trail. And for globetrotters the latter really is a must, just like you must have attended the full moon party in Thailand just to be accepted in the backpacker community. So I thought to myself: ‘Let give it a go then’. To be honest, before I went, I thought we would go for a relaxing stroll everyday while taking photos of the stunning scenery, ending the day with beer and a party on the campgrounds. That was not the case to say the least, in fact we had to get up every day in the middle of the night and crawl out of our freezing tents. After a frugal breakfast we were sent off with a bottle of boiled dishwater from the nearest mountain stream to ‘hike’ over a bumpy path. Very steep I might add with a total of around 8000 steps, of which some most reached as high as my knee. While the highest point of the path is at a staggering 4215 meter above sea level. Fortunately I’m a heavy smoker otherwise I would have never finished first every day. I can still see those faces when I came marching by with a fag in my mouth, priceless! Besides that I can recommend this trip to everybody, it’s an incredible experience and more importantly it’ll give you the best looking ass in the world. And you should never forget that you’re not the only one that has to make a run for his money.

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