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Taj Mahal - Agra
Luckily we had festive weather on this special ocasion

Last week we continued driving from Aurangabad to the cold north. To Jaipur, the pink city and part of the touristic triangle with New Delhi and Agra. Apart from looking at pink buildings to, as usual, get some inspiration for my home, I also learned a new trick there. After that we continued to the even (c)older city of Agra, where, after more than four years and approximately 265 thousand kilometers, I finally met one of my goals. Because next to helping squirrels get through the winter we also visited the Taj Mahal. The last of the seven new wonders of the world that I hadn’t photographed with my own camera. Three and a half years after world wonder number six. Unfortunately the weather was a bit drizzly and the Taj Mahal wasn’t as white as we expected. That’s because in the wide surroundings the people cook their food on a cow dung cakes fueled fire, and this smoke not only blocks the view it also sticks to the building. So really, like everything in India, the structure is covered with a layer of shit. That’s why they give you shoe covers  at the entrance, so your footwear doesn’t get dirty.

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