Well begun…

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Bibi Ka Mabara in Aurangabad
Ceci n’est pas une Taj Mahal

…is half done, is what they always say. Therefore we travelled to Mumbai, to give the new year a good start. We took up residence in a 5 star hotel, that way we could kick off 2015 in luxury. On paper that seemed like a splendid idea, but, although equipped with every comfort, the windows of our room couldn’t be opened. So when we both caught a bad case of gastroenteritis the air quality in our ‘home away from home’ deteriorated rapidly. Not a very fresh start for us this year. In the mean time, fortunately, we recovered and continued our trip to Aurangabad. On our way over there we saw over a distance of no less than 150 kilometer(!) orangemen walking all the way to Shirdi where their idol Ali Sai Baba is buried. Once we arrived in Aurangabad we visited the Ajanta and Ellora caves. You can compare thos with the world famous city/world wonder Petra in Jordan, but much bigger and more beautiful. The Indian tourists there however didn’t care, they only wanted pictures of Lucia.

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