Trekking with Anush

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Janapar Trek / Nagorno-Karabakh
Let’s hope we gave them enough money to find them all.

Of course I wasn’t just in Nagorno-Karabakh to get that nice and shiny visa, but also to trek for a couple of days in the beautiful mountains. Besides, it’s not only wonderful to have sex be in the countryside I too could use some exercise to keep my divine body in shape. But one is the loneliest number, so once I was calmed down from the nightly attack I headed to the tourist information centre in Stepanakert to get me a guide. I wanted to do the Janapar trek, but the first couple of guides that were called said it wouldn’t be possible this time of year. There wouldn’t be any places to sleep open and other lame excuses. In the end one was found that was willing to do it. Anush the 27 year old naive friend of the tourist office girl. She was thrilled to do it in dire need of money and therefore more than willing to head out into the woods visit the tourist attractions in the region with a complete stranger.

Hunot Canyon / Shushi / Nagorno-Karabakh
Everyday we worked up a sweat.

Well begun is half done

Anush was available to me for two days before she had to return to work. That was a bit of a bummer because I wanted to walk the stretch between Shushi and Hadrut, just about 74 kilometers. According to Anush that wouldn’t be a problem, we’d manage that easily in two days. She was a tad younger than me and probably a bit more used to walking in the mountains, but still it seemed unlikely we’d make it all the way. The night before we met in a bar to talk things through. That’s when I found out she thought we’d be going by car, and she never before heard the words ‘Janapar trek’ in her life. That made sense. Later that evening she sent me a message expressing her concerns of getting lost or encountering wolves. I told her not to worry, and so she did. Just to be sure I installed the Viewranger app on my phone and downloaded the Janapar trek maps. Fully prepared we set off together the next morning.

Karintak / Nagorno-Karabakh
The first village we passed.

I know my way around… well everywhere really

The first part from Shushi through the Hunot Canyon was breathtakingly beautiful and downhill, because of which we made good progress. Anush told me she couldn’t have wished for a better guide because we didn’t get lost even once. My phone glowed with pride. Besides I found out that the Janapar trek was well marked with blue paint on rocks and trees every 50 meters or so. But I didn’t deem it necessary to tell her that. The trail however started to climb more and more because of which we I slowed down significantly. Despite of that we reached Avetaranots, the second village on the route, at the end of the afternoon. By that time we had walked about 19 kilometers and she proposed to spend the night with Kama Sutra in Karmir Shuka, 16 kilometers down the road. That didn’t sound very appealing to me was more than I could manage. So I gave her the number of my contacts in Avetaranots. A bit surprised she dialed the number and organised for us to eat and sleep with those folks. Just in time because a couple of minutes later it started to rain cats and dogs.

Avetaranots / Nagorno-Karabakh
Bangers and vodka, the cornerstone of any nutritious meal.

Tuti oghi

In the Karabakh Armenian villages it’s customary to welcome guests with homemade fruit vodka. Mostly they use mulberries, and after distilling the juice in ketel one you’re left with a beverage containing 60-70% alcohol. Pretty strong stuff. Anush knows what can happen with that stuff so she dragged me out of the kitchen just at the right time. After all I still needed to perform. A bit Hungover we continued the next day until Kamir Shuka where we arrived around lunchtime. At that time I was done with the Janapar trek. After two days with a young girl I was completely worn down and my body was aching too much to walk another 38 kilometers. I mean, my skin was coming off for god sake! (NSFWS)

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