European cities

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Cafesjian center for the arts / Yerevan / Armenia
They even have a statue of your favourite travel blogger.

After my adventures with Annous I had to catch my breath of course. So I drove back to Yerevan to get some well deserved r&r. In the past I’ve told countless people that the most beautiful cities in the world are to be found in Europe. And I found out just how true that statement is when, after years of traveling, I drove back into Europe from Iran and into Baku. Yerevan too is really worth a visit. If you like city trips I’d definitely go here sometime, possibly combined with a visit to Tbilisi. You’ll find interesting museums, an operahouse, lots of parks and beautiful buildings. Most of those buildings are built from pink volcanic stone, therefore the city is nicknamed (you probably didn’t expect this) the ‘pink city’. On top of that the city is loaded with excellent restaurants, bars and taverns. It’s a city that never sleeps. For example you can buy flowers on every corner 24/7 (WTF!). And, most tourist sites that are not in the city are only an hours drive away. So you can easily ‘do’ those too, if you can manage to get out of the city that is. Anyway I’ve had a great time there and I was even able to keep working on my already impressive body in my favourite gym. I had to really, because I was still in training for my next adventure: climbing mount Kazbek in Georgia.

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