Another dream came true

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Georgian National Museum / Tbilisi / Georgia
These guys all died of tiflis.

The city used to be called Tiflis, but that sounded a bit too much like a scary venereal disease. So the Russians decided to change that name at some point into Tbilisi. Also because except Stalin nobody could pronounce that name.  Nevertheless it’s a very nice city, because of that I moved into an apartment for a month after my visit to the Netherlands. I had some catching up to do with my pictures and it was still too early in the year  to head to the mountains or Armenia. On top of that, it was very cheap.

When I was a student I always dreamt of living above a pub, so when I saw an apartment on AirBnB that was situated in a pub area I seized the opportunity. Even more so because it wasn’t in the area where the tourists are being swindled but where the Tbilisians themselves come to quench their thirst. Totally awesome, because just in my street alone there where over ten pubs that not only served drinks but good food as well. Besides every pub had a band performing six days per week. Just like in the old days back home before the computerized music systems were introduced, at least that’s what my parents told me.

And although I didn’t live exactly over a pub but opposite one, that didn’t prevent me from hearing the band loud and clear. Very loud and clear I might add. They played at deafening levels. To be short, this place is not to be missed. The only downside I can think of is the never ending flow of needy men in the street, who take the risk of getting tiflis by having my downstairs neighbours, or one of the numerous other Thai massage salons, give them a wank massage.

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