Another disappointment

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Ginghiss Khan Statue / Mongolië
Shining as always.

When I read this text in the Lonely Planet (TL;DR only if you are crazy intrepid you’ll try to travel on your own through the east of Mongolia) I thought, ‘Cool a challenge’, but also, ‘I’d better not let Lucía read this part of the book’. On hindsight rather exaggerated, we didn’t come across a checkpoint even once for instance. That’s why we decided, after registering ourselves twice like the obedient tourists that we are, to stop doing that. Mostly because the police and army didn’t have a clue what they had to do anyway, so both times we spent hours explaining them what it was all about. Apart from that it was just our luck that we didn’t get stuck with our car, not even once. And because Google Maps knows a lot of the jeep tracks ánd there are helpful road signs everywhere we only got lost a bit once. In short, the trip didn’t live up to my expectations AT  ALL. Instead we had to look all the time at wild animals. Like the countless cute little birds, the sweet little wolves and foxes, but also ferocious marmots and hamsters and flocks of dangerous gazelles. And wherever you’d look, the homo mongoliense alcoholica with it’s unpredictable character. Further to the South-East we noticed that the weather on the steppes can be quite fickle. One day we’re driving in a pleasant sunshine with a temperature of 24 degreed Celsius and the next day we woke up in a white world and temperatures far below zero. In the end to top it all off we were invited by a couple of nomads in their ger for a cup of milk tea and of course vodka. And what do you think, huh? Those mongols kept their wolves testicles all to them effing selves!

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