I’ve had enough of it

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Koh Rong / Cambodia
It’s unbearable here.

Yes, you’re reading it right. It has been wonderful, but it’s done, I’ve had enough. I’m coming home. Back to the Netherlands. The only problem is that the minister of tourism gave me a free pass to travel around Cambodia in my car, under the condition that I’d take the car with me when I leave the country. So I have to travel back overland. Probably via Lao, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iran etc. But the route hasn’t been established definitely. As you see I have quite the drive ahead of me. So to prepare myself I went to Koh Rong island to rest a bit. A paradise with white beaches etc. Kinda funny, when I started my trip three and a half years ago the first entrepreneurs started opening accommodations and restaurants on Koh Rong. Before they did there was nothing on the island. But in the mean time it has become a major backpacker magnet where the party never stops. So it’s a good thing I started my tour around the globe in South America so they could open up this paradise to the public. Apart from this small break I prepared the car as well by having a couple of new tyres fitted and, more importantly, a new radio. So you can all start chilling the beer in your fridges, I’m coming home.

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