Nobody f*cks with Ed

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Fathala Reserve / Senegal
Not even the lions!

Really happy with my brand new oil ducts from the junkyard I sped to Dakar to register my car. On my way over there I was stopped by police almost every single mile. And in Dakar too I was being targeted by the police, because of my foreign license plates and good looks, on a daily basis. At least twice a day I was the dupe because I had to drive criss cross through town all the time. Because besides getting the car registered I decided to seize the opportunity and arrange a couple of visas and visit the main tourist attractions in the capital. Also I wanted to go to the KIA dealership for a computer diagnosis of my car, in order to find out if the transmission had any kind of permanent damage due to driving without oil in it for a while.

near Saint Louis / Senegal
Transport rules in Senegal are strictly enforced.

Only for passenger transport

Every time they stopped me it cost me vast amounts of time. Which I don’t have. And apparently those guys don’t read my blog, otherwise they would’ve known that you can’t make a living off of me. On my way to the KIA dealership however they simply went too far. After they ordered me to stop and had their greedy hands on my drivers license, I was told that it’s not allowed to transport goods on the rear seats of a car. According to the two gentlemen only passengers are allowed to site there in Senegal. But believe me when I tell you that most cars here are overloaded and not just with people. In my best French I made it clear to them that never in my life I had heard bigger bullshit. And while he looked the other way for a split second I snatched my drivers license from the hands of the officer that was holding it and stowed it away in the center console.

Île de Fadiouth / Senegal
Some of the cops that challenged me in the past.

Fighting with the cops

He didn’t particularly like that, so he yanked my door open and shoved his muscled body into my car to steal the license back from me. Of course I couldn’t let that happen, so as quickly as he came into the car I pushed him back out. Number two now hasted himself to join the rumble. I realises that I bit of more than I could chew, so reluctantly I gave them back my license. They proceeded in filling out a citation, but it looked just as fake as Trump’s hair, so I could hardly keep a straight face. Quickly I thanked them for the fine and said I would drive over to the police station ‘tout suite’ to pay it to their boss. Right there and then they gave me back my license, pulled the fine from my hands and shared their experience in the police corps group app. Because, believe it or not, that was the last time I’ve been stopped by the Senegalese police. Here they all now know it too: Nobody f*cks with Ed!

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